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About Spiritual CandlesWhy We Love and Use Candles

Metaphysical spiritual supplies and ritual supplies such as spiritual candles can greatly enhance your personal meditation and spiritual practice.

Why We Love and Use Candles

We love and use candles for so many reasons.  Candles have been used in societies and cultures for thousands of years for a variety of reasons such as celebrations, religious purposes, to light our homes, to enhance romance, create atmosphere, calming and meditation to name just a few. 

The National Candle Association reports that U.S. retail sales of candles are estimated at approximately $2 billion annually, excluding sales of candle accessories.  Candles are used in 7 out of 10 U.S. households, and that 90% of all candles are purchased by women. 

Many of the candle uses we will discuss here may be familiar to you.  Maybe you have found uses for your candles that you would like to share with us!

Mood, Light, and Fragrance in the home are some of the most common uses of candles.  Lighting a candle is an effective and easy way to bring a positive, cozy and warm mood to your home.  The subtle lighting will create texture and color in any room you wish to warm up.  With the variety of fragrances available today you will be sure to find ones that will suit the mood or environment you wish to create.  Studies have shown that using candles has a calming effect on the body and helps to reduce stress.  After a long day at the office what better way to relax than with a candle light dinner or to soak in a hot bubble bath by candle light with soft music playing.

Aromatherapy practitioners recommend the use of specific fragrances of candles as natural healing alternatives.  Using extracted oils from flowers, herbs, trees, fruits and other plants aromatherapy candles are created for specific mental, emotional and physical  maladies,  and contain antibiotic, antiviral, stimulant, relaxing and other therapeutic properties.  When inhaled, the extracted oils act on the olfactory nerves which lead from the nose to the brain producing the therapeutic effects desired.  Fragrances can also be combined to enhance the therapeutic effects such as Honeysuckle and Chamomile for relaxation and stress reduction or Lavender to produce a deep calming effect or to relieve headaches.

Candles are a wonderful and inexpensive way to enhance your home decor.  One of the most common uses of candles for home décor is as centerpieces for coffee tables, end tables, occasional tables and dining tables.  Candles also bring their soothing warmth, fragrance and color to dens, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

To create a table centerpiece you could use a pottery, ceramic or glass bowl placing various sizes of pillars in the bowl and surrounding the candles with stones, crystals, glass beads or just use your imagination!

One of our favorite ways to use candles is to place an array of varying sizes of pillars in the fireplace to create an atmosphere of a gentle fire glowing from the fireplace.  This will also help remove odors from your room and send them up the chimney. 

During the Autumn season, when the holiday season is approaching, you can use candles to fill you home with all the delicious fragrances of the season.  Spices, berries, apples, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, pine, gingerbread, and vanilla fragrances make your home warm and inviting.  Surrounding your candles with small autumn or Christmas wreaths make beautiful centerpieces for your holiday tables.  The candles warm glow caresses the faces of your family and friends as they gather around your table to share laughter and partake in the holiday feast.

Meditation practice can be greatly enhanced by using candles.  Lighting candles of specific colors, herbs, fragrances or essential oils for specific purpose during meditation can act to rejuvenate, heal, or bring answers and insight.  Listed here are some basic candle color definitions.

Yellow:  Intelligence, concentration, memory, logic, learning, confidence, inspiration, positive changes, creativity.

Green:  Abundance, money, success, physical healing, marriage, fertility, balance, nature, love.

White:  Cleansing, enlightenment, clairvoyance, healing, purity, unity, purification, truth, protection, spirituality, heals emotions, repels negativity.

Red:  Strength, energy, health, vitality, fast action, courage, warmth, attraction, willpower.

Pink:  Love, tenderness, devotion, friendship, romance, spiritual healing, caring, affection, emotional healing, universal love, unconditional love, faith, honor, peace, raises vibrations, femininity.

Gold: Masculinity, enlightenment, protection, wealth, money, success, luck, divination, communication with cosmic influences.

Lavender:  Manifestation, selflessness, spirituality, compassion, understanding, inspiration, contact with Higher Self, attracts spiritual assistance, calming.

Blue:  Weight loss, wisdom, communication, truth, calming, peace, understanding, protection, harmony, patience, health, happiness, luck, loyalty, healing, meditation.

Orange:  Cleanses negative situation, places, and attitudes.  Attracting good things, success, career, goals, stimulates, business deals, happiness, enthusiasm, attracts success and prosperity, emotional healing, attracts friends, courage and ambition.

Brown:  A balanced color.  Eliminates indecisiveness, enhances concentration, learning, telepathy, intuition, ESP, finds lost items.

Purple:  Psychic powers, meditation, spirituality, ancient wisdom, third eye, spiritual protection, divination, expands your gifts/abilities, contact with spirit world.

Black:  Dissolves negative energy when burned with any other color, protection and banishing, reversing, binding and repelling, healing very powerful illness.

Candles have also been used through the ages in most churches, religious and spiritual practices for numerous reasons.  They are used in churches, for weddings, birthdays, prayers and numerous other rituals and ceremonies.  Candles have always been and always will be a handed-down tradition and a part of our lives, and they give us many gifts in many ways;   this is why we love and use candles.

Rev. S. Lincoln, Reiki Master/Teacher

Safety with Candles:  Never leave candles burning unattended.  Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets.  If pets are inside it is very easy for a pet’s tail to catch on fire.  Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch on fire.   Always burn candles on a protected, heat resistant surface.

Disclaimer:  Please be advised, the articles, information, and products on this website are meant for educational and entertainment use only.  The information, therapies or technologies listed on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe.  It is never intended to replace the care or advice of a trained medical physician.  You are solely responsible for how you use the information and/or products on this website.














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