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This section is for local sweat lodge ceremonies that will be open for new people to attend.  This section is limited to Western Washington State.  If you are interested in attending a sweat lodge ceremony, or want to learn about the sweat lodge please use the phone numbers provided for information.  This is NOT an advertisement!  These postings are for the convenience of those who attend on a regular basis or those who are interested in attending.  Sweat Lodge is a sacred ceremony and you will need to talk to the lodge leader prior to attending for an invitation. 


There will be a Sweat Lodge Ceremony on Saturday, August 6th, 2011,  in Granite Falls.  Gathering time about 11:00am.  Call for more information. 360 863 3273.  If no answer, leave a message and we will return your call.


Prayer Ties For Healing Earth Mother

 Please join us in making Prayer Ties for the Healing of Earth Mother.

 Place:  Any where you are!

Date:  Any Day, Any Time

Time:  Any time during the day or evening.

 While we here in the USA are greatly concerned with our Gulf Coast and the healing needed there, please also bear in mind that there are many other significant areas of destruction and devastation in other countries also.  We are all related, and what affects one, affects all.  Please add prayers of healing for ALL greed based devastation happening on our Earth Mother.  Also please pray for all entities of Earth, i.e., water, trees, plants, animals, sand/soil, etc.  All entities are living and necessary for continued survival.  Also pray for the dominate thinking of human kind to change from greed, power and control to an attitude of oneness and healing of our Earth Mother.  Thank you.

 Please do not feel that you have to be of indigenous or tribal heritage to participate!  Anyone of any faith or religion is welcome to participate and pray in your own way while making prayer ties with us.  We all pray to the same Creator, so please join us in this event!

 Making Prayer Ties

Prayer ties are spiritual focusing tools used by indigenous people for many centuries.  They are considered to be a physical offering and representation to carry the energy of prayers to the Creator and Spirit World.  The making of Prayer Ties is a ceremony within itself and should be done with much reverence, respect, and be treated as Sacred.

The method and ceremony of prayer tie making may differ from culture to culture or from tribe to tribe.  There are many ways to engage in this sacred practice.  Presented here is one way you can practice this ritual.

Materials you will need:  Natural fabric, cotton works best.  No synthetics please.  The color we will be using for this event will be green to represent the Healing of Earth Mother.  Cotton/natural string, tobacco, sage (or other smudging herbs such as cedar, sweetgrass, etc.) for smudging yourself and your supplies.  Smudging is an important part of healing prayers and ceremonies and is also protective for you and your ceremonial space.  Smudging will remove negative energy, and will invite positive, healing spirits. You will want to keep your smudge burning during the entire time you are making your prayer ties. (**see note on smudging below)

Begin by cutting your green cloth in about 2-½" x 2-½" squares.  Size does not need to be exact.  In the tradition I am using prayer ties should be made in multiples of 7.  Make any number you wish in multiples of 7, i.e., 7, 14, 21, 28, etc.

After you have cut the squares, take a pinch of tobacco and place your tobacco in the center of a square of fabric. Fold the fabric over to make what looks like a little ghost, tie it at the top just above the pinch of tobacco, using your string to hold the pinch of tobacco in place.

With each pinch of tobacco you place in a prayer tie you will want to be speaking your prayers of healing for Earth Mother and all living beings of Earth Mother.  It is very important that you stay focused on positive, healing prayers and energy while making your prayer ties and speaking your prayers with each tie you make.  String your prayer ties together on one continuous string.

When you have finished making your string of prayer ties, tie your string to a tree or other relation where they will not be disturbed or removed.  You will want to leave them tied on the tree and undisturbed until they naturally disintegrate. 

Many blessings—

Shelley (Mountain Water Woman)

**Smudging is a very simple practice and because it is done with intention and belief it becomes a very powerful ritual.  Ponder your intention prior to smudging and hold it clearly in your mind.  You can also call upon the spirit of the smudging herb you are using as well as your helper spirits or diety to assist you with your intention.  Light your smudge and when it burns down to a smoldering stage (smoking) you can bath yourself and/or your items in the smoke.  You can also spread the smoke around the room, your home or other place to clear the energy.  Many people use a special feather to fan the smoke over themselves or around the space they are cleansing. 

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