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EDUCATIONAL ARTICLES AND RESOURCE CENTERMetaphysical, Spiritual, Educational, Information/Articles, Resource Center
About Spiritual CandlesAbout Spiritual CandlesCandles have been used in societies and cultures for thousands of years for a variety of reasons such as celebrations, religious purposes, to light our homes, to enhance romance, create atmosphere, calming and meditation to name just a few.
About Crystals and HealingAbout Crystals and HealingEducational articles on metaphysical spiritual supplies and ritual supplies such as uses of metaphysical crystals. You will find information on how to use metaphysical crystals, candles, stones, smudging, and meditation to enhance your spiritual path.
Chakra BasicsChakra BasicsIn this article you will learn some basic ways that you can use your metaphysical spiritual supplies, ritual supplies and metaphysical crystals that relate to the healthy functioning of your Chakra Energy Centers.
8 Basic Steps For Using A Crystal Ball8 Basic Steps For Using A Crystal BallCeltic Tribes and Druids are of the earliest known peoples to have used crystal balls in divination, as early as 2000 BC. During central Europe’s Medieval Period (AD 500-1500), seers, wizards, sorcerers, psychics, gypsies, fortune tellers, and all other types of diviners also used crystals to “see” into the past, present, or future.
Sweat Lodge CeremonySweat Lodge CeremonyArticle written by Steve Little Coyote, on the traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony. More articles on the Sweat Lodge Ceremony by Steve will be coming soon!
Lighting Up PracticeLighting Up PracticeArticle by Steve Little Coyote on the practice of Lighting Up. Lighting Up is a practice commonly done by the majority of Pacific Northwest Tribes.
Creating a Home AltarCreating a Home AltarAn article about how to create your home altar, examples of what home altar supplies and ritual tools you can use.
Light Workers; Know Your OpponentLight Workers; Know Your OpponentThe dark side uses the same methods that we Light workers use. They use ritual, ceremony, empowering objects, etc.; the only difference being is they use the energy of the dark side with the intention of doing harm and destroying Light workers and the Light itself.
So, You Are Going to a Sweat Lodge CeremonySo, You Are Going to a Sweat Lodge CeremonySweat Lodge is a ceremony that has been used by many Native American Tribes and other indigenous people for centuries. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, the sweat lodge is not just a sauna.
What is Reiki?What is Reiki?In the Japanese language, Reiki is actually 2 words, Rei-Ki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy. Everyone has Reiki as it is the energy of life itself.
How To Develop A Stronger Spiritual LifeHow To Develop A Stronger Spiritual LifePresented in this article is a sure-fire method for personal spiritual life growth and development. This method is easy to follow and the rewards are greater than you can imagine.
What is Reiki? Part TwoWhat is Reiki?  Part TwoIn my last article I gave a brief overview of Reiki, a brief history of Reiki, and how Reiki is applied from practitioner to client. In this article I will cover the Degrees of Reiki and what the Reiki student receives at each level of training.
What is Reiki? Part ThreeWhat is Reiki? Part ThreeIn this article I will discuss important things you should know prior to having a Reiki treatment, what you can expect, and what you may experience.
Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Part TwoSweat Lodge Ceremony, Part TwoWritten for Crystal Candle Shop by Steve Little Coyote. In this article, Steve continues to expand upon the meaning, purpose, and history of the sweat lodge ceremony.
Contest InformationContest InformationContest rules and entry information.
4 Basic Survival Skills, The Sacred Order4 Basic Survival Skills, The Sacred Order
4 Basic Wild Survival Foods4 Basic Wild Survival Foods
Spiritual Aspects of Wilderness SurvivalSpiritual Aspects of Wilderness Survival
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