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Light Workers; Know Your Opponent

One of the things I have always disliked the most is acknowledging there is a “dark side”.    Like many Light-workers, I prefer to focus only on the Light and the thought that all is wonderful and perfect in this world as well as the next.  Nothing could be farther from the truth however.  The “dark side” does indeed exist and does not need our belief or acknowledgment to have power; it has its own power. 

To see the power of the dark side one only has to look at the condition of the world and the human beings today.  The lust for money, power and control is running rampant through the governments, corporations and citizenry of many countries including our own.  Drugs and alcohol are also taking many of our people, especially our youth.  How is it that the dark side has gained such control?  I have asked my elders and teachers this question many times and have received wise teachings.

As one elder Holy Man says, there are 3 kinds of people living in the world.  There are those who choose to walk with the Light, those who choose to walk with the darkness, and those who choose to walk with neither Light nor dark but rather choose to live life for the pleasures of this life only.  Those who choose neither we call the sleeping ones.  It is the sleeping ones we must work to awaken to join the Light.  Too many have gone to sleep while the dark side has taken no sleep at all and has grown into what we see in the world today.

Another teaching I have received is that we who walk in the Light must know our opponent well.  We must know the opponent (dark side) because the moment we choose the Light we become a target of the dark side.  The Light is a threat to the dark side and can defeat it.  As long as we are choosing neither we are not a threat and therefore not targeted.  If we do not know the dark side, how it works, what tools it uses, how it presents itself seductively, then we are as lambs being led blindly to a negative fate.  Knowing the dark side is of utmost importance if we are to be effective in spiritual confrontations of these negative entities.  I have seen some spiritually strong Light workers fall because they did not know the enemy and were ill-prepared for a confrontation with dark energies when they were targeted.

It is a fine line between the Light and the dark.  I have seen Light workers attempt to defeat the dark side using the same weapons (anger, hate) trying to destroy it.  This method does not work, however sometimes gives the appearance of working because in using the same weapons as the dark side the Light worker just crossed the line into the dark side without realizing it and is no longer a threat.  The only effective tools for confronting the dark side are love, Light, compassion, and healing energy. 

Some dark side entities are so strong that one person has difficulty dealing with it and must have help.  I was once targeted by a dark spirit that decided to follow me.  It could not get into my home because my home is well protected.  It chose to follow me to work.  I arrived at work to find my co-workers trying to do their jobs while being terrorized by this entity.  It was knocking over file cabinets, opening and slamming doors, moving furniture around, turning up thermostats, spilling files and creating general mayhem throughout the building.  As soon as I walked in the thing grabbed me and pulled my spirit out of my body.  I was in its grasp watching my body walk on up the stairs. I called upon my spirit helpers and called upon the Light to surround me, then firmly declared to the thing, “You have no power over me, let me go.”  With a slingshot effect I landed back in my body and hit a wall hard.  Then it latched on to me physically.  It was colder than ice and had a horrible smell.  My supervisor looked at me with a rather helpless expression, wanting to help me, but not knowing what to do.  I told her I was leaving for a while and taking it with me.  I went to my car, smudged myself, prayed and got it off me.  I also smudged and did protection rituals for my office building so it could not return there. 

All was okay for a while, until my daughter called me.  Almost immediately the thing went to her home and started wreaking havoc.  I told her to get her smudge bowl and focus on protecting herself and her kids and leave the rest to me.  I called two Holy Men who I work with.   It took all three of us doing ceremony and ritual to finally put the thing away.  This entity was not very a very powerful one; there are many that are much more powerful. This is the reason it is important to know your adversary, the dark side.  The tools used in our ceremonies are calling upon the Light (Creator) of the Universe, love, compassion and healing. 

There are also many dark shamans who travel around and visit spiritual shops.  They infuse dark energy into objects for sale and whoever purchases those items will be severely harmed.  If you know your opponent you are then able to recognize these items and neutralize the dark energy before it harms anyone.  Spiritual shops are one of their favorites, but they also visit grocery stores, clothing stores and about any place you can think of.

The dark side uses the same methods that we Light workers use.  They use ritual, ceremony, empowering objects, etc.; the only difference being is they use the energy of the dark side with the intention of doing harm and destroying Light workers and the Light itself.  The dark side will also use the seductiveness of wealth, power, control and more to gain workers. 

We Light workers have much work ahead.  We must continue working without rest to awaken the sleeping ones, bring them back into balance and harmony with Mother Earth, and spreading Light and Love to Earth and all beings of Earth.  The balance is now tipped heavy on the dark side and we need to continue to grow in spirit and bring others into the Light in order to tip the balance the other direction.  Stay strong; know your adversary, be aware, know how to protect yourself and your home, and may the Light of the Universe be with you.


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