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8 Basic Steps For Using A Crystal Ball
8 Basic Steps For Using A Crystal Ball

8 Basic Steps For Using A Crystal Ball

Celtic Tribes and Druids are of the earliest known peoples to have used crystal balls in divination, as early as 2000 BC.  During central Europe’s Medieval Period (AD 500-1500), seers, wizards, sorcerers, psychics, gypsies, fortune tellers, and all other types of diviners also used crystals to “see” into the past, present, or future.

 Crystal balls have been used as sacred tools by diverse peoples for thousands of years.  It is important to remember that crystals are sacred tools and to treat them as such, keeping them on your home altar or other sacred space when they are not in use.  It is also advised to keep your crystal ball covered with a black cloth to prevent the light from reaching it when it isn’t in use.

 Upon obtaining a new crystal ball or any other sacred stones, I like to sleep with it for at least 4 nights to begin establishing a connection. (cleanse it first) During this time your crystal ball will most likely share its name with you.  When speaking to your crystal ball make sure to call it by its name.  A personal bonding with your crystal ball will happen and therefore you should not let others handle or touch your crystal ball.

 You should also provide a special bag or box for your crystal ball to protect it during transportation.  Use this special bag or box only for your crystal ball.

 Like any other sacred tool, your crystal ball will need to be cleansed on a regular basis.  Personally, I use sage or sweetgrass to smudge my crystal ball before and after every use.  There are many other recommended methods of cleansing you can discover with a little research.

 Using Your Crystal Ball


  1. Cleanse your crystal ball.  Using your preferred method always cleanse your crystal prior to every use.
  2. Turn out all artificial light sources, close drapes and darken your room.  A background light source such as a lit candle should be used in an otherwise darkened room.  A white candle representing purity, or a purple candle representing higher spiritual purpose are good to use.  As you progress you can use other colors according to your purpose for the session.  Be sure to clearly state that you will only allow positive energies to enter otherwise the door is open for any energy to enter.  I like to create a circle to work in by cleansing and protecting the space using sage to smudge the area.
  3. Relax and breathe deeply and rhythmically.  Allow all tensions and negativity to flow out of you as you exhale each breath.  Ground yourself and as you inhale bring in the energy of the Light, focus your thoughts on your purpose for the session and respectfully ask for the answers to be shown. 
  4. When you are completely relaxed, centered and focused, open your eyes and allow your eyes to drift to a spot on your crystal ball that you feel drawn to.  Fixate your eyes on that spot and allow your vision to go fuzzy (like when daydreaming) and gaze at that spot actually allowing that daydreaming gaze to move through and past the spot.  Simply allow this to happen, don’t try to force it.  Clear your mind of all thoughts, continue to breathe deeply and rhythmically allowing a state of light meditation.  At this time your crystal may begin to appear smoky, cloudy or to darken.  Allow this to happen without breaking your meditation state.  If you do lose your meditation state, simply begin again.  Remember, practice makes perfect!  You may begin to see images, experience feelings, or hear communications.  Just go with the flow and don’t try to interpret, analyze or make sense of your experience at this time.  Just relax and allow it to happen.  Also, make sure you aren’t trying to create images the way you want to see them.  Set aside personal judgments, wants and desires, stop your own thoughts and ideas and be open to what the crystal ball will show you even though it may not be what you want or think it should be.
  5. You may also have physical sensations such as tingling, vibration, heat, or cold.  This is normal.  The crystal will raise or lower your personal vibration and bring you into the balance and harmony necessary for spiritual connection so that communication can easily happen.
  6. Make note of what you see within your crystal ball.  You may find that when in the beginning you have difficulty remembering what you see during your session.  Have a note pad and pencil handy and try writing down what you see.  A tape recorder works also to record what you see.  While writing or speaking to your recorder maintain your meditation state without losing your focus.  This will take some practice as speaking or writing will in the beginning have a tendency to bring you out of your trance state.  You can enhance your ability to maintain your meditation state during physical activity by learning to do walking meditation.  I like to practice walking meditation while out in nature, walking upon a trail through the woods.  Use the same technique of deep, rhythmic breathing, releasing tensions, relax, letting your vision go fuzzy and clearing your mind of thoughts
  7. When you have finished your session, allow yourself to return to the physical present.  Refocus your eyes and breathe deeply, and ground yourself again in the physical plane.  Be aware of your feelings at this time.  You may feel your energy shift as you break the connection with your crystal, you may feel rested like you’ve just awakened from a nap, and you may feel energized.  To fully ground yourself have a small snack and drink some water. 
  8. Cleanse your crystal ball and return it to its place on your altar or sacred space you have designated for it.  Be sure to thank your crystal ball for its help.

 Learning to work effectively with your crystal ball will take a lot of practice.  Be patient.  Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first few times.  Be persistent, keep working at it and when you finally connect with your crystal ball it will work.

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